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Sexy Weather Angel Shannon visits Sydney for the weekend spreading the angel love. The results from our "Best of a Woman" survey which asked the question "What features do you find most attractive on a woman?"

The results are now in, with BREASTS being ranked number 1 by over 23% of respondents. SNATCH on the other hand was the overwhelming lowest ranked with over 40% of the vote for 12th place.

View all the results at http://www.weatherangels.tv/surveys.php

--NEW SURVEY-- We now have a new survey online that asks 'Is Naked Better?' Have you say on that survey too.


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Have a laugh with the Weather Angels outtakes we scooped up off the cutting room floor.

If you are looking for the NIPPLETASTIC weekend forecast for New Zealand, visit the www.weatherangels.co.nz website.

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Season 2 - Episode 8

This week Kristy and Jodie are looking hot and beautiful as they get sexy with the weekends weather for New Zealand and The World. Jodie finds her self volcano-less for our Nippleometer report.

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This week was New Zealand Sign Language week, and as our resident NZSL speaker Brooke braved the very cold Auckland evening to sign us a Nippleometer report. I would say our coldest yet.

On top of that Kristy is back and is joined in studio by Phloss. For those of you with a foot fetish this is the episode to watch over and over again. Hang in for the World Wide Weather report at the end of the show.

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May 2nd is No Pants Day - so Shannon, Phloss and Jody our lovely Weather Angels are sans-pants in Episode 6. There is a very cold Nippleometer from Jody, and a crazy forecast for Sunday that needs subtitles.

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Shannon gets funky and does a headstand whilst forecasting the Australian weather.

Very very funny, now if there was a show called Weather Angels got talent our girls would win hands down!

This video clip is just the Australian forecast only, for the full Aussie version of Episode 6 visit www.weatherangels.co.nz.

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More sexy fun and frivolity with your Weather Angels. Aleshia is joined by Lara Croft (disguised as Shannon) and together they give you a run down of the weekends weather for New Zealand and around the world. Phloss's Nippleometer is at a viewers house, and watch for the montage of boobs at the end of the show.

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Weather Angels give it a go and forecast the weather for Australia. This is a short version of the Australian Episode 5, that just has the weather and Shannon's (or is that Lara's) very funny impersonation of a Morton Bay Bug - although we are not sure she has ever seen one.

Do write to her via www.weatherangels.co.nz and let her know if she got it right.

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Brooke and Phloss present the weekends weather for New Zealand, in a selection of 'Back to School' outfits from wear it out. Brooke is dressed by the viewers choice in a deliquent uniform. Vote for next weeks outfit at www.weatherangels.co.nz. The girls give our international viewers a treat and show highlights of weather around the world, while jumping around.

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Cowgirls and anti-cyclones, Jodie and Phloss both loss their virginities in Episode 3 - Jodie hosts her very first weather report and Phloss is in studio for the first time to assist with the all important weekend forecast.

Fun, frivolity, short skirts and the weather with New Zealands first and ONLY sexy weather show.

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